Our Vision & Values

At South West Personnel, our passion is understanding business and people.

Our vision is to provide a human resource consulting service which meets and exceeds our own expectations and those of our clients and candidates.

Secret to Success

Today’s workforce is a reflection of today’s lifestyles. We work longer and faster. We also change direction in our careers more frequently, want greater flexibility in our working lives, and expect more from our working relationships than in the past.

So when you think about the changing aspirations and needs of the workforce, finding and keeping good people is more difficult now than ever.

The fact is, great people are behind every great business, and a team of great people can achieve extraordinary things.

That’s where we come in…

Our Values & Goals

For employers, we provide an efficient transition to help fulfil workplace requirements. And for employees, we help personal career aspirations become reality.

To do this, we follow an important set of values and goals. We always:

  • willingly support our vision, values and goals.
  • understand that serving our clients is our business.
  • accept responsibility for our actions in all cases, and at all times.
  • are committed to business education.
  • proactively challenge ourselves and other team members to new levels of peak performance.
  • actively pursue win/win, ‘best outcome’ results.
  • are decisive and willingly accept leadership.
  • seek to understand and act with compassion.
  • aim to be effective, efficient and innovative – do more with less.
  • enjoy the game – life is short, the journey is long.

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